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Mairnan Barton



Mairnan is an irish/italian non-binary writer and multimedia specialist. They have worked as the lead editor or co-editor-in-chief for several literary magazines, including CovWords and Here Comes Everyone, and have always used their platforms to encourage and amplify the work of small and unknown creators. In their spare time they enjoy TTRPGs, board games, video games and the culinary arts.

Matt David, Art Editor

Matt David


Art Editor

Matt is a Scottish queer artist living in London. They create queer imagery, focusing a lot on queer objectification and themes around HIV. They use a variety of media, but primarily focus on using cyanotypes. In their spare time they listen to podcasts, spend too much money on nice alcohol, as well as watching horror films, documentaries and trashy reality TV competitions.


Tayo Adekunle


Art Editor

Tayo Adekunle is a British Nigerian photographer based in London. Working a lot with self-portraiture, she uses her work to explore issues surrounding race, gender and sexuality as well as racial and colonial history. Looking at the relationship between past and present views of blackness, Tayo works to subvert established notions about black women’s sexuality and the standard of beauty ascribed to black women.


Benny Ashmore


Fiction & Poetry Editor

Benny is a non-binary transmasculine disabled autistic bear poet and fiction writer, with occasional forays into screen and performance writing. He graduated both BA(2021) and MA (2022) Creative Writing programmes at the University of Greenwich. They hope to pursue a PhD focusing on endangered language poetics. In his spare time they enjoy wildlife, walks, full time dog-bothering, chatting to strangers at bus stops, and bigot baiting.

Ame McLachlan, Poetry and Fiction Editor..JPG

Ame McLachlan


Fiction & Poetry Editor

Ame is a Creative Writing graduate and a qualified English teacher with a penchant for writing and reading queer poetry and short stories. They like reading about occult practices and histories, eating and baking banana bread and running horror TTRPG games. They dabble in illustration and sell their artwork on Etsy. Their creative work has been published in online and local zines in Nottingham.

Delphine Martineau.jpeg

Delphine Martineau


Content Lead

Delphine is a content writer based in London. She loves learning and exploring topics such as sex and kink, relationship and polyamory, and everything related to queerness. She previously wrote for Revoloon, a WOC-founded publication working to empower women through education, liberation and growth. When not busy writing, she loves watching films, listening to podcasts and dancing the night away at all the queer parties London has to offer.


Sebastian Nucinkis


Project Coordinator

Sebastian is a self-labelled amateur in all things creative, and has dabbled in visual arts, poetry, writing, crafts, and music. A mathematics graduate who is finally able to use his penchant for over-organising and spreadsheets for something positive in the queer community that has welcomed him from a young age. Rat dad, gardener. Passionate about tabletop games, crafts, good food, and men.


Frankie Blaus


Poetry & Fiction Editor

Frankie is a trans, neurodivergent multi-disciplinary artist from the north-west. Their work centres memory, imagination, and queer experiences of heritage. When not writing in the third-person singular, Frankie spends their time advocating for “Are You The One?” Season 8 (the all-bisexual season) as the gold-standard in reality-dating shows, and as the only valid benchmark against which all queer reality media should be assessed (The Ultimatum was HugeMegaFlopDooDooCaCa). Also: board games, shitty wordplay, the Vengaboys, and the Like A Virgin podcast.

Artycule Media

Snowflake Magazine is published by Artycule Media. Artycule Media, formed from the phrase 'arty polycule', is queer owned and led publisher, and subscribes to the same ethos and ideologies of Snowflake Magazine.

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