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The Relationships Issue

Snowflake magazine is looking for submissions of art, poetry, essays, flash fiction, photography, interviews and articles from self-identifying queer creators. We are happy to consider pieces that transcend or do not fit these mediums. Being queer already often sits outside the norm, so we encourage your pieces to do the same - really think outside the box!

The submission itself should either be queer themed or from an artist who identifies as LGBTQ+ (or both!).

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A new year, a new Snowflake! For this first issue in our second volume, we’re looking for prompts around the theme of RELATIONSHIPS; whatever that means to you. Is it friends, family, love? Is it your community, your sanctuary, the fun and beautifully transient pleasantries you exchange with strangers, waiters, retail staff, train/bus staff or taxi drivers? We are looking for submissions that respect our guidelines and bring to us fun, skill, inspiration and originality. 

If you’re stuck for ideas or just want some food for thought, check out the prompts below!


  • What is the story behind your favourite teddy bear/stuffed toy? How long have you had them, and what name did you give them?

  • What is the most inspiring and memorable interaction you’ve ever had with a complete stranger?

  • Do you have anyone in your life you would consider to be a ‘frenemy’? How did that come to pass?

  • What was the last community workshop, group activity or party you attended?

  • What was the last time you felt you needed to tell someone a lie for a good reason?

  • Is there a public or more local debate you know of that you feel both sides make a lot of sense?

  • Do you think you would like and enjoy spending time with a clone of yourself?

  • Is there a particular location or type of environment where you feel the most at home?

  • What comes to mind when you hear the saying “blood is thicker than water”?

  • If you live somewhere different to where you were raised, which place do you consider ‘home’ and why?

  • Do you have good relationships with your neighbours and local community? Why, or why not? 

  • How would you describe your relationship with yourself? With your past, your future, your inner child?

  • How do queer relationships differ from ‘straight’ ones?

  • What does the concept of ‘chosen family’ mean to you?

  • Queer inter-generational relationships, how does it look to you? How do you think it will evolve?

  • What is it like being the only queer person in an otherwise heteronormative family?

  • How does it feel being a queer person in an already intensely queer family?

  • How do the communities you belong to intersect? Do those intersections raise difficult challenges or provide affirming and unique opportunities? 

  • Tell us/Show us your relationships with other-than-humans! Animals, plants, inanimate objects, abstractions…what makes those relationships special to you?

  • Raise your dead! Ancestors, lost pets, friends and lovers who didn’t make it. Community figures, celebrities you adore(d), even places in which you found sanctuary that no longer exist. What would you bring back, and how do those losses shape your ongoing relationships?

  • Faith relationships and communities: what is your relationship with religion/faith? How does this impact your other relationships? What other relationships are in friction or harmony with your religious/faith relationships?

  • Polyamorous, Asexual, Aromantic and Queerplatonic relationships as many others show us relationships outside the monogamous/sexual heteronomative, how does this affect the ways in which we view relationships?

  • How have hookups or breakups affected your relationships with others in your life? How have they affected your relationship with yourself?

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