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The Euphoria Issue

Snowflake magazine is looking for submissions of art, poetry, essays, flash fiction, photography, interviews and articles from self-identifying queer creators. We are happy to consider pieces that transcend or do not fit these mediums. Being queer already often sits outside the norm, so we encourage your pieces to do the same - really think outside the box!

The submission itself should either be made by or involve an artist who identifies as LGBTQ+ (or both!).

Advert for The Euphoria Issue, detailing the title and the 1st of December to 1st of February submission window. The design is covered in items that bring gender euphoria, such as packers, binders, push up bras, recognisable depictions of Testosterone in ampoules and Oestrogen pills and creams, and sex aids.

There’s never been a more important time to discuss and amplify the joy and happiness of LGBTQIA+ people. There’s never been a more important time to show ourselves and each other that positive change, love and success is possible, it exists, and why wouldn’t we do that while covered head-to-toe in glitter, glam and affirming clothes? We want your happiest memories, the moments that still bring you to tears or spread a smile across your face, the stories you still tell years later that erupt you and your friends into laughter. This is The Euphoria Issue, make us feel your joy. 



  • To receive gender affirming care often people need to be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”. Why is our existence defined in this negative light? What role do you think gender euphoria should play in the criteria for gender affirming care?

  • In a time of increased hostility against our community, what do you do to find moments of euphoria? Do you find it in unexpected places?

  • Where are some of the places you find the most joy?

  • What was the very first thing that brought you gender euphoria? Was it clothes, body changes, a certain activity, maybe even a sex toy?

  • When you were a kid, what alerted you to the fact that being same sex oriented, asexual or trans was a thing you could be? Was that a happy experience?

  • Is there a specific moment of your queer experience that made you feel truly validated?

  • What are the crucial elements of euphoria/joy and how does the awareness of those elements feed into how you live your life?

  • Self care is often linked to joy, and making ourselves look good and glamourous! What does that mean for you?

  • What little things bring you the most joy? Is it a warm mug of tea? Watching a bird sing while looking out your window?


  • Gender euphoria, gender envy, and gender affirmation tend to be associated with the trans and nonbinary experience. What can those mean to you as a cis person (if applicable)? How can trans people breaking gender norms and choosing to find euphoria in gender expression uplift cis people and their experiences of gender in our highly gendered society?


For the safety and sanity of our editors, submissions without clear trigger warnings may be rejected outright.

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