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The Heritage Issue

Snowflake magazine is looking for submissions of art, poetry, essays, flash fiction, photography, interviews and articles from self-identifying queer creators. We are happy to consider pieces that transcend or do not fit these mediums. Being queer already often sits outside the norm, so we encourage your pieces to do the same - really think outside the box!

The submission itself should either be made by or involve an artist who identifies as LGBTQ+ (or both!).

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When thinking of LGBTQIA+ history and heritage, it is easy to jump to thoughts of key figures and large movements that define the queer experience, beautiful stories told in hundreds of ways by hundreds of people. For this issue however, we don’t want to hear the documented facts of a historic queer person or event, tell us how a life, an event or a struggle affected you. Something only you could write.


We ask that you all look inward, tell the stories of how queer history in your country, culture or even in your own family opened your eyes to the queer world and helped you become who you are today. Who or what taught you to live your life the way you wanted? Share with us your thoughts on the history of queerness, whether it is something that happened two years ago or fifty, whether you are deeply immersed in queer culture or you discovered yourself largely away from any sense of community. Tell us what queer heritage means to you!

  • Is there a history of queerness in your family? Do you have a trans aunt or a gay grandfather? Has your child, partner or sibling recently come out to you?


  • Is there a local queer scene where you live, has this scene existed for a long time? Do you feel like you fit in there?


  • What is the earliest memory you have of a queer event or celebrity? Was it a local experience, or was it nationally/internationally significant?


  • If you speak a language other than English, in what ways have the queer community created or adapted words in that language to fit their identities? Are there words like enby, butch, twink and similar, how do you approach pronouns (if needed)?


  • Do you have a memory or a story you feel only queer people would understand?


  • Can you give us an example of something you feel is ‘undeniably queer’?

  • How do you personally ‘flag’ your queerness? Is it subtle or loud? Do you actively choose not to flag?


  • Why do you feel that there are these common tropes within the queer community, such as being in the theatre, being typically less sport-inclined, being creative, being good with technology or having higher tendencies toward alternate lifestyles and relationship styles?

  • How was queerness perceived around you growing up? Did you have any role models during your childhood such as family or friends who were openly queer?

  • How does it feel when someone asks you “where do you come from?” and what kinds of weight or connotations do you tie to that question?


  • Do you feel connected to the centuries of queer people who came before you? Why or why not? How do you foster that connection or do you choose not to?

  • If you could speak to any historical LGBTQIA+ figure, who would it be? What questions would you ask them, or what would you want to tell them about?

  • As a community, our heritage has often been erased. In what ways do you feel this has impacted us as a whole, or you personally?


  • There are a lot of symbols in history that have represented or resonate with the queer community (such as carabiners, Blåhaj, hankies, carnations, pink triangles, rainbows etc). Do you have a personal connection to any of these symbols? 

  • If you don’t feel particularly connected to the queer community as a whole, is there a particular reason you feel this way?

For the safety of our editors, submissions without detailed trigger warnings will be rejected outright.

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