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Submission Guidelines

Here you'll find all the info you need to ensure your submission has the best possible chance to appear in our magazine. Please read through the section applicable to your work before you submit!

General Guidelines

All rights reserved. Please be aware that submitting to Snowflake Magazine grants us the full rights to publish your submission on our website or in our magazine, it also gives us permission to use your work in any of our marketing materials, where it may be minimally edited to include our branding or information. All work remains the intellectual property of the creator. We will endeavour to inform you of any use of your work before it goes live or is disseminated, but this may not always be possible, and you can of course revoke this permission at any time with the exception of works already printed. 


Please use the submission form at for each submission individually, unsolicited submissions emailed to us directly or outside of submission windows will be immediately deleted. Please do not submit more than 3 pieces of work total per issue, doing so will void all of your entries. Take care and consideration into your choices to submit, as we will only accept withdrawals or replacements where absolutely necessary.


Which mediums you choose for your three submissions is up to you, but we will accept only one text submission per creator, with the exception of poems. (For example, you could submit a flash fiction piece and two art pieces, an interview, an art piece and a poem, three art pieces or three poems.)

Creator Bio

Please also send us a short bio (this is limited to 250 characters or less). This bio may appear on the Snowflake Magazine website if your work is published in the magazine. Feel free to include a link to your creative website, physical or digital shop, or social media.


Be aware that each issue has a specific theme, which authors are encouraged to approach from a distinct and personal angle. Please ensure your work is sufficiently linked to this theme, and feel free to explain the link in your creator bio. 


Written work accepted by Snowflake Magazine will be minimally edited before being published, we don’t send out a ‘final proof’ for approval before the magazine goes to print as this causes serious delays. We won’t make any major edits to your work, and we generally don’t enter into dialogue regarding these corrections, these edits are to catch typos and grammatical errors that we believe are unintentional. If your work includes intentional errors, please let us know in the creator bio to avoid these being corrected.


Snowflake magazine does not expect exclusivity in submissions, and you are welcome to send your work elsewhere after we have published it. We will consider work that has been published previously but prefer original work created for our theme. We ask that you let us know in your creator bio if a piece has been previously published or displayed elsewhere.


We will endeavour to respond to you within three months of submission, however this is not always possible if we receive a large volume, and you may receive a response much later.

If your work is shortlisted but we run out of space in the magazine, we’ll contact you with the option of publishing it on the Snowflake magazine website, which you are free to accept or decline.


If we do decline your work, don’t be disheartened. Submissions may be rejected for a number of reasons and, if this is the case, we encourage you to keep trying in future issues or elsewhere.



Formatting Your Files

The file name of your submission should be the artist name_submission title, to avoid confusion. Ideally, avoid making your title the same word/phrase as the issue’s theme, as these will likely be deleted to avoid to confusion (and avoid us publishing ten pieces with identical titles!) Please see the category specific area below for preferred file types.

Category Specific


Up to three pieces.

Please bear in mind: we are looking for works related to/inspired by the respective issue’s theme. These can be photographs of paintings, sculptures or other physical pieces as well as digital art and design. 

We welcome works that are part of a series, though please be aware that we may only publish one or two of the three presented pieces. 

We also accept digital-only pieces for our website such as animations, videos and interactive works, though please email us before submitting providing a description and a pitch, as we will need to work with you to ensure these are worth your time and ours, and to ensure they are presented correctly. 

Technical specifications: We require hi-res (minimum 720x720 or higher) images at 96 dpi or above, and please stick to the aspect ratios 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4 or 16:9 if possible, this helps us present your work beautifully on our A5 pages. Any works submitted that do not fit these requirements (and therefore may not fit the magazine layout) may be declined as a result. Images that are over 3000px resolution in height or width will be scaled down if needed. Not sure about Aspect Ratios? Check out this guide from Shutterstock, and this Aspect Ratio Calculator from Bellevue Fine Art. Not sure if your piece fits these requirements? Let us know if you need your image checked in your description!

We will endeavour to give all artwork a single full page, but unusual sizing, orientation or other constraints may mean we use the artwork across half a page, or multiple pages.

Please only send pictures and photographs as a JPEG, PNG or PDF format.

Short Fiction

Max. 250 Words
One piece per creator.

Please include a brief note or synopsis (around 25-50 words) in the same file as your piece for our editors, to help us quickly understand the premise and how it links to the theme.

Please format your work using Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spaced.

Please use a .doc, .docx or PDF format if this will preserve the unique format of your work (if this is the case, please note this in your brief summary).


Max. 25 Lines
Up to three poems.

Please send each poem in a separate word file to allow us to process each piece individually.

All forms welcome, experimental, traditional, free verse, prose etc.


Please keep your poems under 25 lines. We understand that sometimes every line is important and thus we may consider poems slightly longer than 25 lines if you are unable to edit them shorter. However, anything over 30 lines will be rejected outright or may be considered for our blog only. This line limit is due to print magazine restrictions.


Please format your work using Times New Roman, font size 12 unless this is not possible for the intended format of your poem (in this case, please note this in your creator summary).


Please use a .doc, .docx or PDF format if this will preserve the unique format of your work.


Max. 500 Words
One piece per creator.

Brevity: keep submitted articles and essays brief and concise.

Clarity: non-fiction submissions should have clear aims and direction.

Sensitivity: all pieces should be written with an awareness of IPSO ethics guidelines. Opinion, news and discussion pieces will be expected to be able to produce reliable evidence for claims made, if requested.

We’re interested in interviews and reviews, but we would prefer an emailed pitch first to reduce the risk of wasting your time. This type of non-fiction is more likely to be featured on the website than in the magazine.

Please format your work using Times New Roman, font size 12 and double spaced.

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