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Advice, support and reports from our talented editorial team.

Snowflake Magazine has been proudly showcasing work from LGBTQ+ creatives globally for several years. Now, we want to help you get your work across the finish line!

We are excited to offer affordable editing services for anyone who needs a second set of eyes on their writing or artwork. While our prices are listed in GBP, we accept clients from around the world and will try to accommodate most forms of currency and time zones. 



Our proofreading service is typically your last stop before publishing. Intended for, but not limited to, work that is close to completion.

Sensitivity reads:

If you're writing a character or situation outside of your experience or comfort zone and want help ensuring authenticity, you'll need a sensitivity read. Whether it's a specific culture, community, health condition or profession you're unfamiliar with, a sensitivity read can help you rest assured that your writing is in good faith. These edits are completely tailored to your needs.

Copy Editing:

Grammatical and other corrections. We'll comb your piece for errors, typos and other textual mishaps and help remedy them.

From £20 per 1000 words / 75 lines


Writing Critique

Critiques are a bespoke report delivered to you on our general findings and initial thoughts on a piece. These can include sensitivity notes, corrections, suggestions on development and more, but the critique is rhetorical, meaning without the back and forth interaction with the editor. These are perfect for those that prefer a more hands-off approach, and simply wish for feedback.

Simple: A brief, half-page report on your piece. We'll point out major errors, give a stylistic review of your piece, and otherwise provide general feedback to help direct you in your writing.

Enhanced: A more in-depth report that briefly touches all of the other fields, addressing anything that catches the editor's eye in more detail with recommended changes and advice.

£10 Simple / £30 Enhanced
Max. 2500 words / 150 Lines



Our editing service is an interactive process involving a back and forth between the editor and author. After our editor finishes reviewing your work, they'll book in a call with you to discuss any suggested changes.

Line editing:

For the author wanting to polish their writing. We'll look at your writing on the paragraph level and consider how your word choices, sentence structure and more convey their intended effect.

Developmental editing: You'll receive an editorial report with feedback on your world building, characters, plot, pacing and more. For an extra fee you'll also receive in-line comments from your editor.

From £30 per 1000 words / 75 lines


Visual Medium Critique

Visual mediums provide a unique challenge to the artist and we are equally prepared to help you meet that challenge.


We offer the ability to book a call with one of our art editors, each of them prolific artists in their own right,  for personal, interactive, in depth feedback on 1–2 of your pieces.


Whether you're trying to define your style, choose the right medium for your work, or develop your skill, a dialogue with our art editors will give you an idea of what your next steps should be.

From £10 per 30mins
Max. 2 pieces.

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