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Theme Archive: Beginnings

Updated: May 31, 2022

Snowflake magazine is looking for submissions of art, poetry, essays, flash fiction, photography, interviews and articles from self-identifying queer creators. We are happy to consider pieces that transcend or do not fit these mediums. Being queer already often sits outside the norm, so we encourage your pieces to do the same - really think outside the box! The submission itself should either be queer themed or from an artist who identifies as LGBTQ+ (or both!).

We’re inviting people to send in their submissions detailing their unique and interesting interpretations of this theme. Provided below are some prompts and thinking points to get you started:

"This is where I began...". Tell us or show us your 'beginning'. Whether it’s coming out, transitioning or your first LGBTQ+ relationship.

In a tarot deck, the fool often represents a new beginning, innocence, nievete and spontenatiety or living in the moment. How is this represented in queer culture?

What is the story of your first experience with feeling pride, your first pride event, or the histroy around the first pride that ever happened in your country?

What do you wish you had known after coming out or transitioning (or not-transitioning) and what would you say to someone beginning their journey?

Different writers and artists have described in their work how the world began, whether it’s a sneeze of a god, whether it used to be a disc or still is, or whether a powerful wizard got bored of living with his peers and created Earth originally as a holiday home? How do you imagine the world began and how do you want your world to begin?

Whether it’s the astrological Aries, the chinese year of the Rat, January 1st, the caterpillar, or the baby, what are some things that all represent the beginning of a cycle to you?

We’re very happy to recieve submissions outside of these prompts, any creative interpretation you can imagine, however, please explain your thought process and how it is relevant to the theme.

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