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The Volume 2 Issue 2 of Snowflake Magazine, our publishing-led initiative aiming to support and amplify queer creators. This is our first magazine of 2023 and focuses on the theme of ACTIVISM.


We asked our talented submitters to write, illustrate, paint, film, sculpt and photograph the things that they felt fit this powerful and complicated theme and its prompts, found here. This is a collection showcasing some of our Editors' absolute favourite submissions.


If this is simply not enough queer content for you, we also regularly publish work on our blog!


Cover and any pages shown are representative of the final product and may change.

The Activism Issue: Digital Edition

SKU: SF0006D
  • - Please check the product images for content warnings and a full list of contents and contributors!

    - Poetry collections, short fiction, interviews and essays, as well as full page artworks.

    - High Quality PDF, you may need a pdf reader to enjoy the magazine to its fullest.

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    Editor's Note: We understand if this seems a little unfair, but as it is a digital product, we have no way to return the product or ensure it is not used after being refunded. Without this policy, anyone could purchase the digital edition, cancel their order after download, and then get a refund whilst keeping the magazine. This wouldn't be fair to the featured creators, to the Snowflake team or to those who purchase the magazine legitimately.

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